Online Marketing History
Online Marketing Co. Inc. (OLM) was incorporated as a Delaware corporation on Sept. 30, 1988. In 2005 it was sold to Pepto Systems AB (Pepto), an IT consulting company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Pepto was founded by current President and CEO Thomas Schonbeck in 1995. Since 2011, Pepto has a Swedish subsidiary ezInvoice AB, that specialize in electronic invoices.

Online Marketing Business
Online Marketing Inc., Co. (“OLM”) is a full service, high-end products and systems development company. OLM offers a multitude of services and system solutions. We understand our customers’ value and focus our energies on developing and acquiring the core competencies and skills to deliver that value. Our years of experience with assignments large and small -in software development, network engineering and system maintenance – will provide customers with the best possible match of technical talent with your requirements. OLM has over 15 years of experience in delivering advanced software products and system development services.

OLM enables customers to concentrate on their core business, rather than on IT systems. We take full responsibility for availability, integrity and performance of the entire system. With a unique combination of business expertise and technical know-how, we provide fast implementation of IT business solutions -robust, reliable systems that meet customers demanding standards.

We improve responsiveness and work quality immediately, through use of an already experienced team of technical advance, certified consultants rather than customers developing their own team. We reduce administrative burden by fixing operating cost and keeping our information systems standard up to date.

At OLM, we use the latest operating systems technology to deliver unprecedented levels of reliability, maintainability and scalability for enterprise servers. Customers receive the very best of software and hardware engineer, quality management and project control.

OLM will help customers take full advantage of leading edge technology, efficiently and effectively. We offer state of the art IT professional services in programming, systems administrator, networking, data administration, system maintenance, data warehousing, mainframe-to-workstation migration, internet/intranet service and system integration. Our professional engineers have proven experience and ability to undertake the most demanding projects. They use the best technology available to create decision-support systems that deliver the business intelligence you need. Our engineers offer our customers superior breadth and depth of knowledge, both of hardware and software.

The OLM business is divided in two parts, our products and services. Our products are designed to be best-in-breed, i.e. the best in its niche. A good example of that is our EZ suite, a series of innovative and scalable series of products, targeting virtually all companies around the globe. OLM services consist of a wide range of development services on different platforms, aimed at a variety of different businesses.