Current Product and Service Offering
The OLM business is divided in two parts, our products and services. Our products are designed to be best-in-breed, i.e. the best in its niche. A good example of that is our EZ suite, a series of innovative and scalable series of products, targeting virtually all companies around the globe. OLM services consist of a wide range of development services on different platforms, aimed at a variety of different businesses.

OLM system sales focus on one product suite called EZ (It’s Easy to use, Easy to learn and an Easy ROI). Several systems are included in this suite of tools:
  • ezInvoice
  • ezOrder
  • ezSurveyor
  • ezQuote

ezInvoice is a technical platform to connect any Windows based ERP system to send invoices electronically.

ezSurveyor is a tool for creating and publishing questionnaries on the web. The questionnarie is created and designed in the administrative tool and could the be accessed and filled in by the user from the web in a form of a dynamic website.

ezOrder is an application that allows companies to send purchase orders electronically from any Windows based ERP system.

ezQuote is a system designed for medium to large companies, used to support the inquiry-to-order process. Our biggest clients use this in excess of 20 countries creating over 200,000 quotations and orders annually.