Consulting Services
OLM Consulting Services provide software services in a wide range of different areas and environments. OLM consultants have branch specific experience in a number of fields of business, such as:
  • Bank & Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Service and Aftermarket
  • Paper and non woven industry

Below is a list of the areas in which we do consulting. In the following pages some of these areas are described in more detail.
  • Custom Application Software Development
  • Database Development
  • Custom Software Support
  • Dedicated Software Development Team
  • New Software Development
  • Systems Integration
  • ERP Integration and Business Process Automation
  • CRM Integration and Automation
  • SQL Server Consulting Services
  • Application Development in .NET
  • Application Development in Delphi
  • iPhone & Android Custom Apps
  • Software Consulting
  • Software Implementation